How to read online magazine

By clicking on link: you can open ArtHer Magazine in a format of flip book. So, how to use it?

Below are described some useful steps for more convenient reading:

First, check your internet speed – if it is slow, then the flick book will be loading slow and at first will be seen blank. But be patient, very soon the colours and text will appear!

When you successfully open the page, in the upper part you will see page numbers. Then you can see the “Search” bar, where you can simply input name or a word, and then in left side of the page – ┬áthe pages and chapters with that name/word will be shown.

If you want to read only one page, double click on that page. If you want to go back to 2-page view, double click on page again. You can flip pages by using arrows on the keyboard or by clicking them on the magazine. You can also flip the pages by using mouse.

Take a look at the lower part of the page.
Table of Contents – is the easy way to view the magazine – simply click on the topic you are interested in and it will be opened.
Thumbnails – shows the pages in small size. Click on any of them and they will be opened.
Share This – you can share this information with a friend, click on it, input the email and press “send”.
Fullscreen and Zoom In – you can view the magazine in full screen or zoom in, to make it go from 2-page view to 1 page and reversely.

Enjoy your reading!